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Wisdom/reincarnation by Marie Kazalia
published in Volume 5, Issue 4 on December 1st, 1998

at times--
like that ridiculous situation
I put myself into
no excess cash
fear of taxi drivers
2 heavy bags
packed with everything I owned
clothes, notebooks, shoes
Lugging to the Taipei bus station--
To get a bus to the airport
for my flight back to Hong Kong
Staggering straining
under the weight of my luggage
Muscles-full-out bags
Lifting myself and everthing
up 2 flights of metal stairs
Along a concrete & metal overhead
crosswalk--above several lanes
of traffic--letting bags drop
resting--Lifting them starting
all over again, snagging my black
tights on roughened corners of my
bags--down more stairs--dragging
hole in my tights working-way-up
Thinking about EAST-INDIAN-NEO-
repeating all this--every detail--
over & over into infinity--
That time I couldn't help thinking--
How ridiculous of me
to live this again--

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