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The Dinner by Jessy Randall
published in Volume 6, Issue 1 on March 1st, 1999

Stuffing whole lemons inside a chicken, I --
Rinsing out the Coca-Cola bottles, I --
Continually failing to shoot the moon in hearts, I --
Almost bursting into tears about a friend who
    never talks to me anymore because he has
    a new girlfriend who was my friend first, I --
Handing out the whipped-cream beaters, I --
Doing the dishes in the minuscule kitchen, the water
    either too hot or too cold, I --

am glad to have my hands busy, to be unable
to participate in these conversations, this
laughing uproar of all the people I know gathered
into my pea-sized apartment; if I am busy with
the dinner I do not have to explain that no,
I did not get a raise, and no, no one
called me back about that other project, and
I have not fallen in love, and nothing is new.

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