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El orchestrating the hats by Marie Kazalia
published in Volume 6, Issue 3 on September 1st, 1999

All a pretense.
Money spent on the wedding.
The reason for the wedding,
so the older sister could design
the color scheme.
The brides and bride maids 
all wear wide-brimmed-hats,
matching their dresses.
My mother showed me a picture.
One attractive shot of the bride
wearing her hat,
rather than a veil,
caught in a broad smile. How unusual.
My mother scoops up pictures
like that one,
to show visitors her beautiful daughters.
Hoping for a compliment,
how they take after their mother.
Older sis in the background
handling wedding details.
Hovering white cloud
refracting sun beams into rainbow colors,
each beam on a bride's maid
in the wedding procession.
So many hats alike.
Wide brims,
could not
get close to each other
to hug.

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