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The Night I Auditioned for Kazan by James Lineberger
published in Volume 7, Issue 1 on April 24th, 2000

it was at a dinner
to celebrate
the publication of his second 
novel, but by the time
we were introduced I'd already
had more than my share 
of bourbon, which gave me the courage 
to say 
that I hoped he would one day
put his fiction aside (good as it was, I lied) 
and return to the theatre. 

Gadge gave a sad smile
and took both my hands in his, rubbing the fingers
like a printer savoring vellum. 
"Since talent is so often
the scar tissue over a wound," he said, 
"a mouth like you got and fingers like those, 
you could really be a contendah, 
no shit, kiddo, you ever get a shot at a role 
where they want you to sing, take it from me, 
don't worry about a thing
just go down on your knees and blow."

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