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Me & Ferlinghetti by William Taylor, Jr.
published in Volume 7, Issue 1 on April 24th, 2000

Things were going
she was a pretty girl 
and we had much
in common,
we liked the same
artsy movies and the same
pretentious books.
We both were wearing
black and whatís more,
she really liked my
and seemed truly impressed
when I happened to mention
I was to be published 
alongside Lawrence
We talked through the night
and at about 3 a.m.
I went to the kitchen for one more
beer (my 8th 
or 9th 
of the evening),
and as I sat back down I looked
into her eyes and she looked
into my eyes
and said, 
you donít drink this much
every night, do
I got nominated
for a Pushcart,
I replied, but it was too
The jig was up,
the ship was sunk
and everything
was done.
She said goodnight and to
close the door on the way

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