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Migratory Birds by Elisha Porat
published in Volume 7, Issue 2 on July 25th, 2000

Over the lighthouse of Stella Maris -
two hundred pelicans in flight.
Heavy air today. Slowly they flap
over the graying sea, over
the greening mountain rocks,
an arrowhead pointed North.
Head to tail to head they lock
in the pattern, secure
in this structure. Suddenly
feathers are scattered, the line
is broken from fear of the whirling
chopper descending roof high,
desperate to find the bright
square, the tightened center,
the landing platform
of Rambam, on sea.

* Rambam: a big hospital in Haifa, where army in the North are treated.

translated from the Hebrew by Elain Magarrel.

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