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After the attack by Ian Brook
published in Volume 7, Issue 2 on July 25th, 2000

I left you for someone else to deal with, caught a drink, 
Shelter from the drizzle of a miserable evening in late November. 
Half frozen, taking a seat by the fire, I forget what I thought of 
Or if in fact I thought at all, easily content in those days 
To let the hours slide, as though there would be more of them, 
Too many to mention, folding like a heavycoat over all possible incidents 
A failure to throw them off track. There was nothing in the news
And sure enough the night fell back upon itself, a drunk against the wall 
Still spitting phlegm from midday's cigarette. I laugh and 
For a second it seems everything can be explained 
Because I am in love with you and moving imperceptibly
Homeward, through a future deeper than the winter before us.

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