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July 30th by Marie Kazalia
published in Volume 8, Issue 1 on July 1st, 2001

hawk-nosed guy
ahead in line
items on conveyor belt
rubber divider separates
my onion & loaf of
whole wheat raisin-walnut bread
from his special
x-large size condoms
silver-black box--
and my memory never registers
his other purchases
nerdy guy
not true big nose
equals little hose

my fridge freezer with no door
ice cream carton:
Ben & Jerry’s
Chocolate Heath Bar crunch
frozen yogurt
mostly melted--
spoon-up the chunks
crunch up sweet in my mouth
pour the runny chocolate mess
into the toilet
tell him to look
at my diarrhea
tell him I feel bad
need to sleep
he leaves me alone
I dress in black
take a walk and a tram
to find the hawk-nosed man

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