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Saturday Night by Radames Ortiz
published in Volume 8, Issue 1 on July 1st, 2001

Another 4 a.m. and we
litter Rudy’s driveway with
beer cans, cigarette butts,
and plastic baggies. In the
June night we form a
semi-circle and lean against
Shorty’s Impala. We talk
not of baseball or cars
But of girls we’ve screwed,
niggas we’ve jumped, of
tampons we’ve stuck on
neighborhood doors. Caught
between a passing jet and
Black Sabbath, blasting garage
walls, we acknowledge that
things aren’t so bad, that our
lives aren’t falling apart. And
after several joints we drop
the "Cool" attitude and become
children of the alleys once more.
Chests heaving. Faces Wet. We
engage in piggy-back wars on
moist grass, howling into the early
morning. And for a moment, in
the glory of our muscles, we return
to the summer of our childhoods
where we promised to remain
together despite our aging skin
and the growing chinga in our lives

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