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Coffee by David Ruslander
published in Volume 8, Issue 1 on July 1st, 2001

Coffee needs a clay cup to taste right.
Is a grand latte with cinnamon in Styrofoam ok?
Perhaps a cappuccino in cardboard topped with plastic?
Can you imagine an espresso in tin?
Coffees with whipped cream and a straw, don't even.

Here coffee regular is two sugars and milk,
coffee black has sweet and low,
who knows what plain cawffee is.

Used to be, coffee was under a buck
now it's two fifty for a small,
thanks for marketing Starbucks.

My taste buds aren't that great,
aromatic coffees, to me, still
taste like coffee straight.

Does decaf count as coffee
would you say?
It certainly lacks octane.

Me, I'll sip fresh brewed
from the diner
in a chipped mug of clay.

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