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Last Letter by Richard Fein
published in Volume 9, Issue 1 on March 1st, 2002

A snake moves like a run-on sentence
a seamless slithering a blurring of scales a relentless gliding
its whole passing assaults the eyes
this is what I picture while reading her last letter
written without commas without periods without colons
she an English teacher who so quickly abandons her craft
for an enjambment of bitterness
my eyes are assaulted by black inky venom winding
left right down left right down until the entire page is poisoned
punctuation clarifies meaning but when content rambles
when words are fuzzy when letters are blotched
why rein in the hateful sense of this last contact
the entire affair recounted as one long wail
meeting rapture disillusionment betrayal
in short the normal progress of so many eternal loves
I remember her teeth being pearly white and not fangs
should I reply should I save or toss this missive
I being more rational more adherent to the rules of grammar and decorum
I will contemplate I will meditate I will ask for guidance
I will free associate on how the bitch left me
and soon very soon very soon or maybe later
I will reach a conclusion that makes convoluted sense.

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