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After All These Years by Trina Stolec
published in Volume 9, Issue 3 on July 31st, 2002

It's a large mattress -
Queen size -
though neither of us
are exceptionally
large people.
It's seen 14 years
of sleep.
        sometimes together,
        sometimes not,
pillows thrown in anger
        and in fun,
necessary alone time,
        and together time.
What would it think
        if it could think
seeing us now
14 years later
at the other's choice
of TV show,
stealing pillows
when one gets up
for a drink of water
or another pack of smokes,
reluctantly handing them over
when they return.
Lying on our backs
a minimum of
2 inches
between every part
of our bodies.
of Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Hey, babe,
it's time for
a new mattress.

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