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Mexican Piggy by Karyna McGlynn
published in Volume 9, Issue 4 on September 16th, 2002

There was that piggy-bank
in that slanted store
in Puerto Vallarta:
fluorescent flowers, ugly,
but it screamed
"Look at me! Look at me!"
It was shaped just like a pig,
a real pink fat pig.
however many pesos,
I didn't have it.

I knew a Spanish girl who ate sugar,
right out of the packets,
right off the table.
She like pure sweetness, concentrated,
the way I like colors.

Well she swallowed that pig
right there in front of God,
the store owner and everyone.
No one said a word.

At dinner she showed up
with the plaster pig in her hands,
and I didn't speak Spanish,
but we sneaked out by the monkey cage,
where I plaited her long black hair with sugar,
so she could suck the sweet ends
long after I'd gone.

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