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Mares at Night by Thomas David Lisk
published in Volume 9, Issue 5 on December 6th, 2002

The absence of horses troubles you,
a troubled one, lacking a stallion's muscle,
grace and speed. You have to stop
wishing people would pay more attention to you,
to the muscles moving inside a chestnut,
buttermilk, palomino, ebony coat,
to the economy of leg meat and slim bone,
the round thick trunk you could thump
to sound the wind, the nostrils supple
as molasses, the big handsome head
with huge glossy eyes you could dive into:
black mares intensely everywhere,
filling the sky with horror, giant
white mares, haunches pumping,
jumping from high plywood circus platforms
with scarred white and red paint
into little pools of eye-black water.

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