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One Small Room by Kevin Blankenship
published in Volume 9, Issue 5 on December 6th, 2002

Stretched out in light
Like frozen trees in winter,
Stella's glass figurines
Amazed us all.
She sure had a lot to see:
The spun glass angels,
Placed out in patterns
Like the design
Of icicles in winter,
The crystal birds caught
Precise in their placement,
As if they knew
How the world moves in circles
Beyond a child's age,
(Stella knew better)
Placed by her light touch to go
Singing through her hutch,
Singing like silver
Threads through the pockets
Of time, round and round,
Stitched at last
In one small corner
In one small room.
So, this winter morning,
When our footfalls
Circle round and go
With all the life of iron
Through one small room,
Where Stella lies,
Precise in her placement,
We wish to be hard, cold and frozen
Like Stella's glass figurines.

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