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Sunday Night Audio Burgers by Dave Williams
published in Volume 9, Issue 5 on December 6th, 2002

The dishwasher is only doing time
Behind the stacks of dirty plates.
He's saving up his money so that he can move on
To the next town, to the next restaurant.

As bad as this job can get,
He knows that he's got the sanctuary
Of a two-room loft high above the streets
Where he composes great symphonies
Which no on will ever hear.

He smiles when his co-workers call hime "Stupid"
Just because his English is a little shaky.
He hears the soundtracks of their lives
Then he goes home and writes it all down.

He's the underdog, the solid foundation:
Without him they would panic and complain
So he holds it all together with sweat, suds, and water.
No radio, just the sounds of a life
                                      of a world
                                      that they'll never really know...

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