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The Morpo Review is alive and seeking submissions of poetry, short essays and stories.

What kind of work do we want?
We want your best work, your best poetry, your most inspired prose whether fiction or essay. Think clearly, look through a glass darkly, stare into the sun without blinking and tell the world what you saw. William Faulkner said writers are paid liars, so tell big, truth filled lies. At Morpo the only difference between you and Faulkner is the pay (he was paid, you aren't).

You will continue to own your words, we just want to give the world a chance to see them and what you can do (yes, at Morpo, you do the work, you get the glory).

Submission Guidelines (last revised 12/26/2005)
Even in the wonderful land of Morpo there are laws. Please observe the following suggestions to make your visit as magical as possible.

  1. Submission Format
    Submissions are no longer accepted via e-mail. Submissions must be made via the online form that can be found on the Morpo web site.

  2. Submission Limits
    No more than five (5) poems may be submitted by any one author during any submission period. No more than two (2) short stories or other prose submissions may be submitted by any one author during any submission period.

    Each poem, story or essay should be submitted individually via the online form. Multiple pieces submitted at once will not be considered or acknowledged.

  3. Submission Deadlines / Publication Dates
    The Morpo Review publishes twice yearly.

    For the April 1st issue, the submission period is August 1st through January 31st.
    For the October 1st issue, the submission period is February 1st through July 31st.

  4. Submissions' Acknowledgement
    Submissions will be reviewed for inclusion in a future issue, which will be made available to World Wide Web readers, E-mail subscribers and others.

    It usually shouldn't take the editorial staff longer than two or three months to review and respond to any submission.

We're looking forward to your input,
Robert, Kris, and J.D.