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Volume 1 Issue 1
Table of Contents

January 15th, 1994

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Editor's Notes : Volume 1, Issue 1 by Robert Fulkerson
Editor's Notes : Volume 1, Issue 1 by Matthew Douglas Heys
Editor's Notes : Volume 1, Issue 1 by Matt Mason
The blinds aren't from Venice by Todd R. Robinson
Traces in a Fast Food Restaurant by Niki LeBoeuf
Oh Bean Curd! by Byron Lanning
Grazing Through Life by Miranda Schatten
Clowns by A.J. Axline
Bigcow by A.J. Axline
the past mostly by Edgar Sommer
The Frog Prince by Karen Alkalay-Gut
snow baby by Robert Fulkerson
Tangents by Karen Alkalay-Gut
Wasted Milk by Mike Capsambelis
Riding the Yokohama Night Train by John Alex Hebert
Yes Kai, yes Margaret, yes, yes, yes by Colin Morton
B and F Auto Wrecking by David Pellerin
In Museums by Matt Mason
Conversations Hearts Ghazal by Matt Mason
Interview by Karen Alkalay-Gut
Frozen with a Stranger in the Park by J. D. Rummel

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