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Volume 1 Issue 4
Table of Contents

September 15th, 1994

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Editor's Notes : Volume 1, Issue 4 by Robert Fulkerson
Editor's Notes : Volume 1, Issue 4 by Matt Mason
shard by John Adam Kaune
Roman Ruin by Blackbird
words find by Edgar Sommer
But For the Grace of God by Brett Thomas
He's Returned by Cynthia Anne Foster
Sestina by Susan Tefft Fitzgerald
Elinor Rigby by Karen Alkalay-Gut
Twilight Dancers by William C. Burns, Jr.
What Gets Me by Benjamin Parzybok
Wednesday Afternoon by Lori Kline
monet's old studio is a gift shop by John Adam Kaune
The Judge by Doctress Neutopia
Disclaimer by Michael A. Simanoff
You can meditate in this mess? by Michael Stutz
Room by Karen Alkalay-Gut
What lengths must my children go to rebel when I'm 50 by Dave Zappala
Between the Hiatus by Maree Jaeger
speaking of the secret by Karen Alkalay-Gut
Custer is not here by John Adam Kaune
Pool Night by Leland Ray
The Strawberry Blond by Edward J. Austin

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