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Volume 1 Issue 5
Table of Contents

November 20th, 1994

Not Yet Read
Editor's Notes : Incommunicado by Robert Fulkerson
Editor's Notes : Naked People Roll Those Dice! by J. D. Rummel
Green Poem by Dror Abend-David
The Still Man by Scott Cudmore
Incident at Stapleton Airport by Leonard S. Edgerly
It's Snowing in Africa by Joseph W. Flood
Second Coming by Tim Love
Untitled by Paul David Mena
Why They Run by David Pellerin
like father, like son by Thomas J. Sherlock
Philosophy by Arthur Shotmind
Battery Park by Brett Thomas
Call Waiting by Leonard S. Edgerly
Untitled by Gary E. Walker
Untitled by Christopher Hepburn
Apogee by Scott Paul Thompson

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There are currently no read items for this issue.