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Volume 2 Issue 4
Table of Contents

July 27, 1995

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Editor's Notes : Brief Encounter by Robert Fulkerson
Editor's Notes : Toward the Philosophic Mind by Kris Kalil Fulkerson
Jericho to Jericho by Amelia Fortenberry Franz
The Projector by Matthew Franz
At the Party by Samuel Barasch
Houses by Tara Calishain
Early Spring by Michael Kei Stewart
The Charred Language by Matthew Franz
A Review of Dr. Seuss' Green Eggs and Ham by Matt Mason
A Girl and Her Dog by Mark Bothum
Post-Suicide by Tara Calishain
In the Attic by William C. Burns, Jr.
Girl at the Prow of the Ferry by Helen Crombet-Beolens
Balloon People by Arthur Shotmind
The Glint by Matthew Franz
Company by Thomas J. Hubschman

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