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Volume 2 Issue 5
Table of Contents

November 8th, 1995

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Editor's Notes : A Synopsis of the Story So Far by Robert Fulkerson
Editor's Notes : From the Belly of the Dough Boy by Matt Mason
Swing by Joseph W. Flood
One Tongues by Richard Todd
Tuki Mila Pahi by Richard Todd
Speechless by Julie Schneider
Woman -- A Terza Rima by Janan Platt
Nostalgia by Janan Platt
ponderings of a beached poet by Bruce Harris Bentzman
jazzbender's sermon under the stars by Bruce Harris Bentzman
jazzbender makes the acquaintance of an old salt charon by Bruce Harris Bentzman
The Greatest Escape by Bruce Harris Bentzman
Testicular Trauma by Drew Feinberg

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