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'Ocean's 8' Steals #1; 'Hereditary' Delivers Record Numbers & 'Jurassic World 2' Roars Overseas
Leading the weekend charge is Warner Bros and Village Roadshow's Ocean's 8, topping industry expectations and delivering the largest opening within the franchise (not adjusted for inflation). At the same time, A24's Hereditary smashed tracking expectations and even outperformed Mojo's lofty, pre-weekend forecast to finish within the top five, earning A24 its largest opening ever. Unfortunately, Global Road's Hotel Artemis, the weekend's third new wide release, struggled to find an opening w...

'Incredibles 2' Delivers Record-Shattering $180 Million Opening Weekend
Disney and Pixar's Incredibles 2 delivered a massive opening weekend debut, not only shattering the previous opening weekend record for an animated film, but finishing with one of the top ten openings of all-time for a film of any genre. Additionally, Warner Bros.'s R-rated comedy Tag debuted in third position while Sony's Superfly fell short of expectations. With an estimated $180 million, Disney and Pixar's Incredibles 2 topped the previous opening weekend for an animated film set two...

Wing Commander Doesn't Fly
A review of Wing Commander
by J. D. Rummel

After being disappointed by Analyze This, I snuck into Wing Commander and I'm glad I did. If I had paid for two movies this disappointing in one day, I'd be hot. NOTE: I've never played the game, so I don't know what in-jokes or secret decoder ring, in-crowd crap I might have missed.

Director: Chris Roberts

Stars: Freddie Prinze, Jr., Matthew Lillard, Saffron Burrows, Jurgen Prochnow, Tcheky Karyo

Rating: PG-13

Release: 03-12-1999

Time: 105 minutes

Buy Movie at Commander is like one of those movies that came pouring out after Star Wars struck the mother load. It is rich in special affects, but lacks any real characters or hook for the audience (The Last Star Fighter, The Black Hole). Everyone goes through the motions telling the paint by numbers story of Lieutenant Blair (Freddie Prinze Jr.) the half-breed whiz pilot fresh on the base and ready to prove himself worthy of respect. This is sort of Top Gun: The Next Generation.

Some of the ciphers on screen die aided by magnificent special effects, but you won't really care at all. Nor is it really very funny in that unintentional way that some movies have. No one does a particularly impressive job in his or her part, except for Tchéky Karyo as Commander Taggart. This one might have seemed like a great idea at some time, but nothing great made it to the screen in any commanding fashion. Save your money for The Phantom Menace.