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Carrie 2: Audience 0
A review of The Rage : Carrie 2
by J. D. Rummel

As the credits began their crawl, I said aloud to my fellow Manly Men and anyone else in earshot: "There was no reason to make this movie."

Director: Robert Mandel, Katt Shea

Stars: Emily Bergl, Amy Irving, Jason London, Dylan Bruno

Rating: R

Release: 03-12-1999

Time: 104 minutes

Buy Movie at Sadly, this movie wastes every good thing it has, which as I think about it, are only some nice special effects. It apes the original, superior, Carrie by telling the story of a young woman, Rachael Young (Emily Bergl) who is unpopular, but ends up going to a hot party with the popular catch of the day. We see once again that popular kids are heartless and scheming (equaling the Machiavellian machinations of the youths in Cruel Intentions), and once again as the humiliation of new Carrie reaches a fever pitch, her psychokinetic powers rip loose and everyone popular is laid waste. This is the kind of revenge fantasy that geeks and nerds must outgrow or risk jail later in life.

There are some howlers herein, however. Amy Irving reprises her role from the first film. Here she has grown into possibly the worst school counselor in film history and she recognizes for no obvious reason the power that is growing in Rachel. At one point she states categorically that the telekinetic gene is passed on by the male of the species causing Manly Man Joel and myself to look at each other and exclaim: "Huh?!" Mendel notwithstanding, Irving is wasted and looks happy to die at the end.

This movie does not advance in anyway from what Carrie showed us or created. It is simply a bad retelling of the original, its only variations being uninspired and undeveloped. Two things: If you are going to make a sequel, don't show scenes from the first film that remind the audience this has been done better, and second, GROW. Have some new thoughts that you want to share with folks that loved the original. Take the points made and explore new ground.