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Ravenous Hits the Spot
A review of Ravenous
by J. D. Rummel

I admit it. When I saw the previews for Ravenous ("He was licking me!!!") I was geared up to ride this film like a laughter pony. Having just seen Carrie 2 moments before on a Manly Men's double header night we sat as the cannibalism themed film flashed on the wall before us.

Director: Antonia Bird

Stars: Guy Pearce, Robert Carlyle, Jeremy Davies, Jeffrey Jones

Rating: R

Release: 03-19-1999

Time: 100 minutes

Buy Movie at No matter what you see or hear, this is a very good film, atmospheric, thought provoking, imaginative and original. This is the kind of film that becomes a cult hit. The story starts by showing Mexican American war hero Captain John Boyd (Guy Pierce) who, in flashback, we see paralyzed with fear in battle and being piled in the mounds of dead soldiers. With the blood of so many running down on him he rallies and captures the enemy. His commander does not believe that Boyd is really a hero and sends him off to a frozen duty in the middle of 19th century nowhere. Before long, a stranger (Robert Carlyle), stumbles into the fort telling a horrific tale of cannibalism and a small wagon train's desperate need for rescue. The motley outcasts that make up the fort's contingent head up into the hills on a mercy mission. What follows I cannot share, but it succeeded in creeping me out and being a very wild ride that takes several unexpected twists that will leave you sitting in your seat questioning some of your own viewpoints.

Take a chance on this one. You may not care for it when it is done, but it is not bad by any measure.