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Supernova Blows
A review of Supernova
by J. D. Rummel

Robert Forster had the right idea. He dies in the first ten minutes of this movie and gets to go home early.

Director: Thomas Lee

Stars: Angela Bassett, Wilson Cruz, Peter Facinelli, Robert Forster, Lou Diamond Phillips, James Spader, Robin Tunney

Rating: PG-13

Release: 01-14-2000

Time: 105 minutes

Buy Movie at Supernova tells the futuristic tale of galactic paramedics who answer a distress call from deep in space and find themselves up against an alien force. Does that sound familiar? Well, get used to it. This awful offal barrows from tons of films that have preceded and surpassed it. Listen closely and you'll even hear the Martian machine sound from George Pal's War of the Worlds. But you don't have to expend that much attention on it. The cracked stasis pod from Planet of the Apes appears, as does the plot of the first Alien and the use-a-man-amplifier-to-fight the monster from the 2nd Alien. Likewise an updated, funky light speed travel sequence from Kubrick's 2001.

The film uses two items from that famous sci-fi dross, Stargate, bad science and James Spader as Captain Kirk. The computer is used as a plot exposition crutch and some of its analysis of details are howlers.

There are good things: Spader is compelling to watch as he breaks away from his studious, contemplative stock character and becomes a man of action. Lou Diamond Phillips goes from Bats to worse in this flick but manages to comport himself professionally. Peter Facinelli also brings spark to his role as the survivor of a mining disaster. Angela Bassett has lost Stella's groove again.

Somebody spent a lot on this film, and every dime is on the screen. The effects and design are first rate, but it that is hardly suffcient.

The movie lists Thomas Lee as the director, but that is an Alan Smithee nom de flight for Walter Hill (48 hours) who has disowned the flick.

Can't blame him.