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The Best Ever Elvis vs. Mummy Movie, and More!
A review of Bubba Ho-Tep
by Matt Mason

So maybe you've heard about this one... the movie where Bruce Campbell plays Elvis who teams up with Ossie Davis, a black man who thinks he's JFK, to fight a mummy in the east Texas retirement home they both live in. Sounds bad, sounds wacky, right?

Director: Don Coscarelli

Stars: Bruce Campbell, Ossie Davis, Reggie Bannister, Bob Ivy

Rating: R

Release: 06-09-2002

Time: 92 minutes

Buy Movie at Surprisingly, it doesn't rely on wacky hijinks, it relies on good writing, acting, and pacing to set down this ludicrous path, walking a number of fine lines but never toppling over.

The story for Elvis is that he changed places with an impersonator and ended up stuck in the new role. Campbell plays this, again, not just for laughs but really exploring the character in surprising and solid ways.

It's comedy, it's horror, it's Bruce Campbell dressed as an elderly Elvis and stumbling downhill with a rickety walker, and it's all done with finesses and attention. In a time where moviemakers rely on the same old cliches to rake in the cash, this movie makes me want to tell director Don Coscarelli: "Thank you; thank you very much."