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A Film of Epic Portions
A review of Supersize Me
by Matt Mason

So I went to the movie, buttered popcorn and Coke in hand, expecting a light romp about a guy who eats McDonalds every meal for a month and wrecks his health. Turns out, it was much more than this, the McDonalds diet was simply the clever vehicle used to make a much larger (pardon) point about nutrition in America.

Director: Morgan Spurlock

Stars: Morgan Spurlock, Dr. Daryl Isaacs,

Rating: NR

Release: 05-07-2004

Time: 96 minutes

Buy Movie at Through the movie, yes, we see a guy eat the whole McDonalds menu over and over, but we also see interviews with health officials both local and national, stories on nutrition in schools, interviews with lobbyists and far more.

It's a well thought out and entertainingly portrayed movie which makes a strong point. In fact, it's entertaining enough that you'll hardly realize you're learning something until you leave the theater craving some salad and a water.