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Not the Brightest of Lights, But Not Bad
A review of Friday Night Lights
by Matt Mason

In a movie so loaded with potential cliches (Texas high school football? Obsessive families of football players? Super talented athlete seems too good to be true?), this movie somehow steers through the obstacle course and comes out okay. It's directed with a hand that doesn't need to spell everything out but just let everything play out, and that's good to see, makes for a movie which keeps your attention.

Director: Peter Berg

Stars: Billy Bob Thornton, Lucas Black (II), Derek Luke, Jay Hernandez

Rating: PG-13

Release: 10-08-2004

Time: 117 minutes

Buy Movie at It's also well acted, from the players to all the folks around, they do a good job of making you believe they are who they claim they are (though sometimes, well, it's hard to miss that it's Billy Bob Thornton but maybe that's just me).

Hey, it's about football, right? Well, the movie lets it be one of those where the setting is football but the movie is more about the people and those great ideals brought out by sports. Sure it's gimmicky but it's done with a steady hand so yay.

The one thing I didn't like about the movie is the music video-style camerawork through most of it. Yes, I get the point: movement, action, all that. But there's a reason people who watch music videos videos all day tend to act like they have ADD, because it's annoying to the senses.

That aside, though, it's worth checking out (unless you're prone to motion sickness, then I suggest you read the book (by Buzz Bissinger)).