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'Black Panther' Dominates Lackluster March at the Box Office
Following a record-breaking February, which saw the February domestic box office top $1 billion for the first time ever, March saw a -24% decline compared to 2017 with calendar grosses totaling $891 million. One thing didn't change in March, however, and that was the #1 film as Black Panther not only dominated the month of February, but was also responsible for nearly 25% of March's overall gross. In fact, thanks to Black Panther, even though March was such a down month, the first quarter o...

'A Quiet Place' Delivers Not So Quiet $50 Million Opening
With a $50 million debut, Paramount's A Quiet Place finished atop the weekend box office in impressive fashion and while Universal's Blockers didn't deliver even half of what A Quiet Place did, the film's $21 million debut was a solid start for the low budget R-rated comedy. The weekend also saw a very strong hold for Warner Bros.'s Ready Player One and Disney and Marvel's Black Panther topped Titanic this weekend to become the third highest grossing domestic release of all-time. Paramo...

Lots of potential, too many directions
A review of Bollywood and Vine
by Matt Mason

When finding this was based loosely on the Hindu legend of Mohini and Shiva, where the male "enchantress of Mohini" comes to earth as a female to entice Shiva, the male god of abstinance, I was intruiged.

Director: Donald Farmer, Edward Jordan

Stars: Skye Aubrey, Jamey Schrick, J.R. Jones, Trish Dempsey, Angelo Fierro

Rating: NR

Release: 11-11-2004

Time: 85 minutes

Buy Movie at What results, though, is a movie not sure if it's a screwball comedy or a serious drama, as scenes are done in both styles in a way that wants to fit together but didn't quite for me.

Where the movie is strongest is in its one-liners, it really shows some good wit and had me laughing out loud a lot with them. So it shows potential, just sometimes the space between the one-liners tends to fall a little flat, resulting in a pair of romances with very little believability no matter how much I may want to believe in them.

Skye Aubrey plays Delilah Leigh, an old-school scream queen from really really bad horror movies in her long-ago past. There's a romance thrown in for her but, well, I'm not sure why.

She has a big fan in Bhuvan (Jamey Schrick) who comes to America from India where Delilah Leigh is a well-loved actress. He drives his tourbus to the Hollywood stars homes by her place and ends up trying to interest her in a comeback script.

Well, the script stinks but she and her son Devin (J.R. Jones) take a liking to the fella and try to see if they can improve it. And mayhem ensues.

Some of it is quite good, some gets thrown into drawn-out drama which is a shame as the movie could maybe have made the same larger points it makes without the shifts back and forth in gravity. The movie is most engaging in its comedic moments, it would have been nice had it let go more and followed that path more religiously.

But I do give the filmmakers credit for working it through the independent route, something that's always worth taking a look at and appreciating the kinds of movies not made by the big studios.